Exhibition Categories

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Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration & Development:

Recovering equipment: prospecting, recovering, drilling, oil well, crane, lift, remote monitor, 

drilling & producing platform etc.; 

Drilling equipment: cranes, traveling block, winch, torque converter, top drive system(TDS), 

magnetic eddy current brake , reciprocating pump, blowout preventer and control system, shale 

shaker, hydrocyclone, desander, drilling fluid centrifuge, cementing, ocean low density killing

device etc.;

Producing equipment: seawater coarse filter, pressure inclined plate settling tank, Dual filter fine

filter seawater, gravity-deoxy-machine, hydrocyclone degreasing, nitrogen generator, 

oil-water separator, flow meter, electric dehydrator, natural gas compressor etc.;

Storage and transport equipment: oil depot project, handling and storage, fluid machinery, 

hoisting equipment, pipelines, valves, sealing technology, fasteners, mesh sieve, filtration device etc.;

Offshore support vessel

Petrochemical: Petrochemical Machinery, extraction/ separation/ drying/ smashing/ mixing, 

cleaning/ purifying/ preservation, vacuum equipment, lab supplies, lubricants, other petrochemical 

products etc.;


Affiliated Equipment:

Power system: drive/brake, diesel engine, oil engine, turbo engine, steam engine, impeller engine, 

Marine automation equipment etc.;

Control equipment: electrical control, wire & cable, lighting, information system, communication/ 

navigation, alarm/ security etc.;

Protection products: leakproof/anti corrosive/explosion- proof, ventilation/air condition, 

extinguishing, salvage, safety protection, insulation materials etc.;

- Steel structure: construction, processing, welding/cutting, welding materials, nondestructive 

examination etc.;

- Instrument: transformer, regulator, sensor, recorder, measuring/analyzing instrument etc.;

- Supplementary: environment protection, lifting system, anchoring, power positioning, mounting, 

indication/warning facility, jack, boiler, smelter, presser container, oil/gas filling station equipment, 

deck machinery etc.;

Maintenance: examine/care equipment, special vehicle, helicopter/plane service etc.;

New energy:

- Wind electricity, tower frame, wind-detect equipment, solar/wave energy development etc.;

Engineering construction:

- Pipe construction, ocean explore, underwater processing, seabed cable layout, tunneling, pipe

paving, logistic etc.;

Ocean technology:

- Ocean investigation, remote detection, diving facility, underwater positioning, environment 

protection, desalination, dredging equipment, 

current monitoring and early warning equipment, marine new materials etc.;

Ocean Service:

- Ocean physics, ocean chemistry, ocean biology, physics of the earth (Ocean Geology), ocean 

science, marine charting, sedimentology, 

navigation and positioning, communication, diving, environmental antifouling and pollution control 

system etc.;

Costal development:

- Costal development equipment, construction equipment,wind-electric station, harbor establishing, 

engineering materials etc.;


- Design, certification institute, R&D institute, finance/insurance, project inquiry, information and 

media etc.;